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Do You See It Moving?

Me too! It’s a still image, so it’s not actually moving 🙂 It seems like it starts to move whenever your eyes are not focus. Pretty tricky, huh?! 🙂

(source: Yahoo Games)

Dying to See Your Favorite Movie Star on The Big Screen? No Baby Sitter? No Problem!

A lot of us are not lucky enough to have family close by to give us a break from the kids once in a while. One of the many things a lot of us are unable to do, once we enter the parenthood, is to go to the movie theater. Well if you have a Harkins Theater near you, than you might just find your break. There are 30 locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.

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A Cool Disguise for Your Laptop

It looks like a beat-up manila envelope, but it’s actually a durable padded laptop sleeve that will hide your laptop from everybody who’s looking for a laptop to steal. This laptop sleeve can hold an 8 to 17 inches laptop.

This cool disguise is created by a Luckiest of London’s designer that has had his phone stolen before. Now, you can buy this ‘unique’ manila envelope for laptop & also for a phone at the For iPad owners, they’ll be able to get one this summer.


(via: Yahoo Finance, source: Think Geek)

Hate to Wait for Your Coffee or Tea to Cool Down?

If you’re a coffee lover, Coffee Joules could be the solution for you. Thanks to Dave & Dave, two 20-something mechanical engineers who invented the Coffee Joulies, it will be available for the public later this summer. They launched the idea on to raise $9,500, but it was so successful that they made over $300,000. Now, they’re rushing into production for the 10,000 sets ordered by investors from Kickstarter.

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10 Day Deal from Redbox

If you don’t have Netflix & love to watch movies then this deal might be a great one for you. Starting today, Monday, May 16th through the 25th, Redbox is giving away a discount code everyday.

The discount could mean $0.10 to as much as $1.50 for a rental. All you have to do is just text DEALS to 727272 everyday to get a new discount code that you can use that day at any participating Redbox kiosk. You can only use the code you receive once & it will expire June 1st at 11.59 pm. You can find more details like this at Redbox’s site.

(source: Redbox, via: Inside Redbox, ars technica)