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Cool Halloween Cupcakes :)

Hmm… Who doesn’t like cupcakes?

Especially if it’s as cute as this Smiley Green Vampire Cupcake. I know Halloween is over, but I just had to post my favorites from this year.

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Very Cool & Cute Halloween Cake Pops :D

I’m thinking about making Halloween cake pops to bring to my son’s class on Halloween day. So, I started looking around for an idea & I found all these cute Halloween cake pops. Some of them even look simple enough for me to make.

Look at these Jack O’Lantern cake pops; very simple, round, with green candy on top. Drawing all those faces would be fun to do 🙂

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The Last Minute Fancy & Colorful Birthday Cake I Made :)

The decision to make this cake was made 2 days before it was due. 🙂 So I didn’t really have much time to plan and as usual I didn’t know how I was going to decorate it.  The only thing I knew was that It was going to be a small cake; enough for about 12 people and I wanted it to be less complicated then my previous cakes.

This birthday cake ended up being a 6 inch double-layered round cake. It was a fun one and everyone loved the results.

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