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Lowe’s Free Kids Workshop – 06/22/13 and 06/23/13 :)


The next Lowe’s Build & Grow workshop will be this Saturday June 22th, 2012 & Sunday June 23th, 2012. The Saturday free workshop will start at 10am and go until 11am. The Sunday free workshop will start at 2pm and go until 3pm. Make sure you come on time or earlier, because some projects are pretty popular & they can run out of free kits before the end of the workshop. Continue reading

Lowe’s Free Kids Workshop – 06/08/2013 and 06/09/13 :)

Lowes-Build-and-GrowLowe’s will be having their free kids workshop two days in a row; Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th. On Saturday, the workshop starts at 10 am and on Sunday it starts at 2pm. Each workshop will be open for an hour. Make sure you come on time or even early because some projects are more popular. The free kits can run out before the workshop ends. Continue reading

Lowe’s Free Kids Workshop – 02/09/2013

Lowes-Build-and-GrowThe next Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic will be this Saturday, February 9th, 2013. This free kid’s workshop is designed for kids from 5 to 9 years old. It will start from 10 until  11 am.

Since some projects are more popular than the others, sometimes they run out of the free kits before 11 am, so to make sure you get your free kit, try to come on time, or even a bit early.

Continue reading

Lowe’s Free Kids Workshop – 12/01/2012 :D

This Saturday, December 1st, 2012, will be the next Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic. This free kids workshop starts at 10am and will go until 11am.

You don’t need to bring any tools, since Lowe’s will lend you a kid’s size hammer & give you everything else needed for the project, including an apron, goggles, nails wood instructions and stickers to decorate the toy once the kids finish building it. These projects are designed for kids aged 5 to 9. Continue reading