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No-Baking Halloween Treats

Halloween is the best time to be creative with treats. Not every treat has to be baked, so here’s my top favorite no baking Halloween treats.

Check out these simple cool Frankenstein Pudding Cups by Natalie of A Turtles Life For Me. So cute.


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Very Cool & Cute Halloween Cake Pops :D

I’m thinking about making Halloween cake pops to bring to my son’s class on Halloween day. So, I started looking around for an idea & I found all these cute Halloween cake pops. Some of them even look simple enough for me to make.

Look at these Jack O’Lantern cake pops; very simple, round, with green candy on top. Drawing all those faces would be fun to do 🙂

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Easy But Cool Silhouette Halloween Decoration Idea :)

Aren’t these Halloween window decorations really cool? They’re easy to make, & inexpensive. 😀 All you need is heavy black cardstock, Halloween templates which you can get from just about anywhere in October (or a craft store), white colored pencils & double-sided transparent tape, to make the coolest silhouette Halloween decorations. Also, make sure you have bright lights to light your silhouette from inside the house.

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